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Return and Refund Policy

Return and Refund Policy

We stand behind our work, your product is guaranteed If you’re not satisfied with your order for any reason, neither are we.

First, contact our Customer Service department within 7 days after the delivery date to resolve the issue, then, we’ll work with you to find a solution that you’ll be happy with. Whether that means reprinting part or all of your order at no additional cost or crediting your account so you can place a new order.

Please inspect all orders as soon as you get delivery. If a product appears to be defective or damaged contact us immediately so we can rectify the issue.

Claims Procedure

We will either refund or credit (at our option) the charges you actually paid for the Services (including shipping charges, if applicable) if we fail to properly provide the Services or the products or to properly ship the products, subject to limitations described in the section below entitled "Limitations and Disclaimers".

In order to qualify for a refund or credit, the following limitations apply:

1.       To obtain a refund or credit, at our option, for an order you are not satisfied with, you must notify us within seven (7) days of the earlier of the date of invoice or the date of shipment.

2.       For any claim related to damage of a printed product during shipping (if the shipping services are provided through promoprint), you must notify us in writing within seven (7) days after delivery of such printed products.

3.       For all other claims, including claims arising out of any non-delivery, miss-delivery or late delivery, you must notify us within thirty (30) days of the shipment date.

4.       In the case of a claim concerning any defective products, you must return the defective products to promoprint where the product was produced, by calling us on 1300 1 PROMO or by sending an email message to [email protected]

5.       In the case of a claim concerning any non-delivery, mis-delivery, late delivery, damaged shipment or other shipping-related claim, you must retain all original shipping containers, packaging and contents and make the foregoing items available for our inspection.

6.       Any claim against promoprint under any cause of action arising from or related to the provision of services or products or shipment of any products shall be extinguished unless an action is brought within one (1) year of the date of order. We will send your refund to the billing address on your account.

7.       A service failure will not be deemed to have occurred if within 30 calendar days after you notify us, if we provide you with:

Proof of timely delivery, consisting of the date and time of delivery and name of the person who signed for the shipment or signature release information;

Service exception information reflecting that the failure to timely deliver resulted from circumstances described under "Limitations and Disclaimers."

8.       We are not obligated to respond or provide any credit or refund if you have not paid for Services or shipping costs, if applicable; or when your request is not received within the time limits stated above.

promoprint will use commercially reasonable efforts to satisfy customer claims, subject to the limitations set forth in this policy.
Only one refund or credit is permitted per package. In the case of multiple-package shipments, this return policy will apply to every package in the shipment. If a service failure occurs for any package within the shipment, a refund or credit will be given only for the portion of the transportation charges applicable to that package.
A refund or credit will not be given for shipments delayed due to incorrect addresses or post codes or the unavailability or refusal of a person to accept delivery or sign for the package or any of the causes described under "Limitations and Disclaimers." In addition, for shipments to and from International destinations, no refund or credit will be given if failure to timely deliver is the result of tax authority or customs or other regulatory delays.
This refund policy does not apply to undeliverable or returned shipments.

Limitations and Disclaimers:

The information, content, services, products and materials contained or offered through the promoprint website, including, without limitation, text, graphics and links, are provided on an "as is" basis with no warranty. Use of the information, content, services, products and materials on this site is at the customer's sole risk.
To the maximum extent permitted by law, promoprint disclaims all representations and warranties, express or implied, with respect to such information, content, services, products and materials, including but not limited to warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, title, noninfringement, freedom from computer virus, and implied warranties arising from course of dealing or course of performance. In addition, promoprint does not represent or warrant that the information, content, products or materials accessible via this site are accurate, complete or current, or that the services will meet any customer's requirements or will be timely, uniterrupted, secure, or error-free.
Neither promoprint nor its parent or any of its affiliates, subsidiaries, suppliers or service providers in any event will be liable to any person or entity for any direct, special consequential, incidental, punitive or other indirect damages under any theory of law

Arising out of customer's use of this website in any manner;

For any errors in the information, content, services, products or materials on this site;

For the provision or use of any information, content, services, products or materials via this website;

(for any nondelivery, mis-delivery, late delivery, or lost or damaged shipments or for any other reason), including without limitation, damages for lost profits, business, data or customer-provided materials, even if you have advised promoprint of the possibility of such damages.
**(neither promoprint nor its affiliates, subsidiaries, suppliers or service providers will be liable for any direct damages, nor shall any adjustment, refund or credit of any kind be made in excess or the lesser of $100.00 or the amount paid to promoprint for the subject printed products plus shipment fees, if any.

In no event will promoprint, its parent, or its affiliates, subsidiaries, suppliers or service providers be liable for, nor make any adjustment, refund or credit of any kind for, any loss, corruption, delay, misprint, non-print, inclusion, omission, shipment, miss-delivery, non-delivery, misinformation, other direct or indirect damages, or failure to provide printed products, printing services or shipping services (any of the foregoing, "service failure") to the extent caused by or resulting from:

Your acts, defaults or omissions;

Your violation of any of the terms and conditions contained in these terms & conditions, as amended from time to time;

Viruses, worms, trojan horses and other forms of harmful code that are not detected or removed using promoprint standard virus-detection procedures;

Criminal acts, public authorities acting with actual or apparent authority, authority of law, local disputes, civil commotions, war, national or local disruptions in electronic and transportation networks, failures of internet service providers, weather phenomena, strikes, natural disasters, and disruption or failure of communication and information systems;

Loss, corruption or irretrievability of, or damage to, your personal information, customer-provided materials or information regarding the printed products used or stored by promoprint;

The nature of the shipment, including any defect, characteristic or inherent vice of the shipment;
your failure to provide an accurate shipping address or other information that you are asked to provide in connection with the provision of services;

Acts, defaults or omissions of any person or entity other than promoprint, including our compliance with verbal or written instructions from the sender, recipient or persons claiming to represent the shipper or recipient;

Our inability to provide a copy of the delivery record or a copy of the signature obtained at delivery;

Our failure to provide a valid shipping account number in good credit standing in the billing instructions on shipping documentation;

Our failure to notify you of any delay, loss or damage in connection with your printed products or shipment or any inaccuracy in such notice;

Our release of shipments without obtaining a signature if a signature release is on file;

Our provision of advice, assistance or guidance on this site does not constitute acceptance of liability.
All claims, whether they regard printing services or shipping services, should be resolved by contacting promoprint. Failure to contact promoprint directly will cause a delay in the processing of any claim and will result in a delay in processing your claim, which could cause you to lose the ability to receive compensation for loss involving shipping or printing services as provided in these terms and conditions.
If a shipment containing your printed products is refused by the recipient, or is damaged, the shipment will be returned to you if possible. If you refuse to accept the returned shipment or it cannot be returned because of damage, you are responsible for and will reimburse promoprint for all costs and fees of any type connected with the return shipment and legal disposal of the shipment; promoprint does not guarantee the shipment, and delivery services offered on this site. In particular, promoprint does not guarantee the timely delivery of time-sensitive printed products such as legally required filings. Subject to the limitations listed above, promoprint will provide a refund of shipping costs paid or will re-perform printing services and shipping services if any printed products are lost, damaged, not delivered, misdelivered or delivered late, to the extent caused by promoprint or its third-party shipper

Please note that we do not provide insurance of any kind, nor do we permit you to assign a declared value to any printed product or service.
Performance of any services will not cause us to be deemed your, or anyone's, agent for any purpose.